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Burnie Little Athletics - Be Your Best
Burnie Little Athletics Centre Inc. Be Your Best
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General Rules

It is necessary for smooth running of the Centre and for safety reasons that some rules are enforced. Please ensure that your children are aware of the rules. Here are some of the more important: -

1.             Athletes must wear the Centre polo shirt and plain black shorts. The tops and shorts are available from the Centre at reasonable prices. No skins are permitted to be worn.

2.             Children must wear suitable footwear at all times and will not be permitted to compete in bare feet. Under 12 to under 15 athletes only may wear spikes, as stated in the TLAA manual. If your child is in these age groups please make sure you collect an information sheet on spikes from Administration.

3.             For safety reasons, parents/guardians are advised to wear closed-in footwear.

4.             The centre of the arena is out of bounds for athletes except when competing, and also to all parents except those involved in running the sites.

5.             Athletes may only participate in events for their own age group.

6.             In field events, once the event has started an athlete may not remeasure their run up.

7.             Results tickets are available for collection at the beginning of the next competition day. Parents – not athletes – must collect the tickets. Please seek assistance from Administration or Registration to complete the manual and ticket books to claim awards.

8.             The rear of the amenity block and the banks behind the grandstands are out of bounds to all athletes.

9.             Running or playing on the stone grandstand steps is not permitted for safety reasons.

10.          The centre gate in the side fence is for access to the triple and long jump pits only.

11.          Failure to comply with any rules may result in athletes not being allowed to compete.


You, as a parent or guardian of a child taking part in Little Athletics, are expected to help in some way on track or field sites or in the canteen. It takes a large number of people to run a successful Little Athletics meeting, and to enable the programmed events to be completed in the time allowed. Please help your children by responding quickly to calls for help over the PA system. None of the jobs are difficult and may involve things like pressing a timing button, raking sand at a jump site, or holding the end of a tape measure. You may want to get more involved by learning to run an event and then offering to relieve one of our many helpers who work through the whole meeting and rarely get the chance to watch their own children perform.

Little Athletics is not a child-minding organisation. Parents are expected to attend with their children and not drop them off at the gate. Any child found to be without a parent or guardian in attendance will not be allowed to compete.

Behaviour of children is also the responsibility of parents. Athletes and parents/guardians are expected to obey the rules and respect the officials and helpers. Rudeness or failure to obey instructions will not be tolerated and may lead to disqualification or penalty as outlined in the Codes of Behaviour guidelines in the manual.

There is a no ball policy at the grounds. Any member found using a ball or throwing implement while not competing may lead to it being confiscated.

No smoking is allowed within the boundaries of the Penguin Athletic Centre. Members are permitted to smoke in the main car park at the western end of the ground.

The Toddlers race is only for the younger children and is held at the parents’ own risk.

Access to the track is via the main gate at the Western end only. Parking is available there. The eastern end gate, which may be unlocked at times to bring in equipment etc, will not be opened for general access.

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